HTC has attended shows such as CES with prototype models but HTC now have the final consumer version ready.  The long awaited release of HTC’s Vive VR system is now here.

Developed by HTC and Valve, the company that brought us the Steam gaming platform, the Vive VR headset is the most advanced VR headset currently available.  It utilises the space in your room to be immersed into a digital environment and to deliver this, the headset uses 32 sensors for 360 degree motion tracking and you also have 110 degree field of vision and real world awareness via the front facing camera which blends the real world with the virtual world and you see this through a combined resolution of 2160×1200 at 90Hz refresh rate to deliver smooth action.

Vive also comes with two wireless controllers that have 24 sensors for accurate motion tracking and they have a a multi-function trackpad and triggers with haptic feedback.  There are two base stations that deliver 360 degrees of motion tracking which all sync with the VR headset wirelessly.

Don’t forget that to use this, you need a decent spec PC to run this and HTC give there recommendations here.

In the UK, HTC has put this up for pre-order at £689.00 and you also get three VR titles including Tilt Brush by Google, Fantastic Contraption from Northway and Radial Games, and Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives from Owlchemy Labs.

With Oculus Rift hot the heals of Vive and the other mobile headsets by Samsung and LG, it looks like VR is really taking off in 2016.

Link: HTC Vive VR