As we reported a few months ago, Sky have launched a new premium TV service called Sky Q and today, Sky has made this available to order in the UK.

Just to remind you, Sky Q offers a complete refresh of its hardware and user interface.  You can get the Sky Q standard box which has 1TB of storage (up to 150 hours of HD TV), can record 3 channels simultaneously while watching a 4th and can also stream to another TV or Tablet at the same time.  The top end Sky Q Silver box has 2TB of storage (up to 350 hours of HD TV), can record 4 channels simultaneously while watching a 5th and it can also stream to two other TVs and tablets.  Both boxes can act as Wi-Fi hotspots when used in conjunction with Sky Broadband and they also come with the new Sky Q Bluetooth touch remote.  You can also opt for a Sky Q Mini box to watch Sky in another room but you must have a Sky Q Silver box for this to work.


Sky’s new Sky Q Silver box and brand new user interface

It’s not just all about the hardware though.  The Sky Q Smart Features allow you watch recordings around the home and pause in one room then carry on watching from the same point in another room and they call this Fluid Viewing.  You can also sync recordings to your tablet to watch on the go at any time.  You can also use Sky Q as a receiver to steam music via Bluetooth or AirPlay.

What about the all important costs for this new tech?  For those that want to upgrade their current package, you can upgrade to Sky Q Silver from approximately £12 per month extra (depending on your current package) on top of your current bill but you are then subject to a £50 installation fee as changes to your set-up need to be made to use the new services.  There is also a £299 fee to use the “Smart Features” you get from Sky Q.  These one off costs can be reduced if you take out additional Sky products such as Sky Broadband, Sky Movies or Sky Sports and the Smart Features cost then comes down to £99.

If you are a new customer, Sky Q starts at £42 or £54 for the Sky Q Silver package.  You still need to pay the Smart Features fee (£249 for Sky Q or £299 for Sky Q Silver) but the £50 installation fee is waived.

No doubt this is a step in the right direction in terms of the technology and features but will you be shelling out your hard earned money for this new service?

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