Most of Google’s apps have had a considerable design overhaul using Google’s visual design standard dubbed “material design”.  Out of all Google’s apps, Hangouts for Android hasn’t really seen an update on par with other Android apps in the Google line-up.  Even Apple got an updated version of the Hangouts app around a month ago.

Finally, Google have updated their Hangouts app for Android to Hangouts 4.0 and it brings the much needed design update plus additional features and increased performance.


Hangouts 4.0 for Android

I’ve been using this updated version for a couple of days and it has a nice new look and feel.  Google promises better touch response and more fluid transitions between tasks and I have to agree it delivers on this and makes replying to messages much easier for the user.  There is a the floating compose button that we’ve seen in the likes of Google Docs and Google Calendar, which makes it easier to start a new conversation.  Adding attachments to messages has also been updated and simplified, making it much easier to share things such as your location and multiple pictures at once.

Performance has also been improved with an enhanced message delivery process making it more reliable and promises less battery consumption which is always welcome.

When used with Android Wear, you’ll also see improvements to the interface and you can review old messages straight from the watch and reply via voice or with quick pre-defined replies and even draw emoji!

You should now be receiving this update so ensure you check your app is updated in the Google Play store.

Source: Google Official Blog