Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for everyone in the mobile industry and it takes place every February in Barcelona, Spain.  The 4 day exhibition officially kicks off on 22nd February.  Not only is this of great interest to the mobile industry, but also mobile tech enthusiasts, as we get hear about all the new innovations that we could see in the year ahead.

MWC showcases the latest mobile technologies

MWC showcases the latest mobile technologies

Mobile World Congress 2016 will play host to everyone involved in the mobile industry from mobile service providers to mobile component manufacturers but we also expect to see most of the big players there such as Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony to name a few and no doubt they will all be rushing to get their latest and greatest devices into the limelight.

So what can we expect to see?  In terms of new phones, Samsung will be announcing their next Galaxy smartphone which is tipped to be the Samsung Galaxy S7.  This will be unveiled at an “Unpacked” event a day before the show starts.  There are a few rumours and leaks about this device.  The body has been tweaked to be more rounded on the back, similar to the Note 5.  The camera reportedly has a smaller 12MP sensor but with a larger aperture compared to the Galaxy S6 and this is also said to be to be flush with the body of the phone this time around.  Also expect to see a bump up in memory, processor capability and battery size.


LG will also have their follow-up to last year’s LG G4 with a new device that has already been confirmed as the LG G5.  It is rumoured to feature the secondary ticker screen which we saw on the LG V10 along with dual cameras on the back of the device.  It will also have an “Always ON” display notification feature.  LG will also hold the launch event for their new device on the 21st February.

Sony will be having a product launch event on the first day of MWC but it is unclear as to what product they will be launching.  It is possible that an Xperia Z6 device may be announced or it could well be a new tablet.  We’ll certainly find out on 22nd February.

HTC will be looking to follow up on their 2015 flagship phone, the HTC One M9.  Leaks suggest that HTC’s 2016 flagship will look more like their HTC One A9 phone which has more than a passing resemblance to the iPhone 6S.  Rumours also suggest that the phone may not make the event due to fine tuning of the final product.  If we don’t see it at MWC, we’ll probably see it at a separate launch event in March or maybe as late as April instead.

There will of course be much more to see and hear about.  We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on all the other companies and news coming out of Mobile World Congress 2016!

Link: Mobile World Congress Website