For those of you like myself with the first generation Motorola Moto 360 smart watch, you should be noticing you have a system update.  Yes, Marshmallow for Moto 360 now is rolling out!

This is good work by Motorola as it appears they are rolling out Android 6.0.1 at the same time as their latest second generation Moto 360 model so everyone should be happy.

There are of course a fair few improvements over the last Android Lollipop OS.  The main updates include Doze mode, which is a new smart feature that preserves your watch’s battery life.  The watch recognises when it is sat idle e.g. when it is led down on a table and not being used, it will automatically put the watch into a sleep state, shutting down any processes it doesn’t need to run.

Screen dimming is also enhanced.  When you have finished looking at your watch and put your wrist down, it will automatically turn the screen off instead if waiting to time-out which will in turn help save on battery usage.


Marshmallow for Moto 360 – The built in gesture tutorial shows you how to use all the gesture features

There are also new wrist gestures available to navigate though the different screens on the watch. To complete an action on a card e.g. go into a card, you can now push your wrist downwards to open and similarly, you can pivot your wrist upwards to go back a step.  You can also pull down the settings menu by slowly turning your wrist away from you then quickly flicking your wrist back towards you.  I haven’t enabled gestures in the past but I have now and I’ll be sure to try the gestures out.  Make sure you go into the Settings menu then Gestures to turn these on for your device.

Other features include Bluetooth audio enhancements to reduce choppy music playback when listening via a Bluetooth headset, date and time can now be set separately from your phone and the new app permission feature is also available to modify what information is shared with your apps.  It also includes additional language support and various performance and stability updates.

I’ve used my watch with the update briefly today and performance is really good.  Have you received the update and if so, how are you getting on with your watch?

Links: Motorola Moto 360 Product Page