Mobile payments on Android have been around for a while in the US under the name of Google Wallet and in September last year, Google launched Android Pay which saw the NFC payment system moved out of Google Wallet and into Android Pay in a step to compete with Apple Pay.

Today over on Android’s official blog, they have announced that Android Pay is coming to the UK within the next few months.

The Android mobile payment system will support MasterCard and Visa debit/credit cards from a fair few banks such as Bank of Scotland, Halifax, HSBC, Nationwide to name a few and more banks will be added over time.  Android Pay will be accepted in stores pretty much anywhere that accepts contact-less payments already.  It will also be available to use within certain apps such as JD Sports, and Deliveroo without having to enter your address details every time you place and order.

To use this service in retail stores, your phone will of course need to have NFC (Near Field Communication) on-board and turned on for mobile payments to work.  Most high end Android phones will have this facility. To check if you have this, go into Settings then under Wireless & networks, click More and if you have NFC, you’ll see it there with the on/off toggle.

This time frame given for a launch ties in nicely with Google I/O 2016, Google’s developer conference where they tend to announce new products and services.  This year the event will be held during the 18th-20th May, so hopefully a firm launch date for Android Pay in the UK will be announced during the event.

Source: Official Android Blog