I had been dreaming about this project for probably a few years but never quite got everything together whether it be due to time or other things going on.  I’m glad to say I’ve finally had that moment of clarity, vision and the time needed that has allowed me to get this started and in July 2015, this website was born.  Coming up with a name for a tech blog was especially difficult, but my love for tech and being from the North of England, I naturally love chips and gravy so Microchips and Gravy was the best choice!

For me, this is my passion.  I love technology of all types, especially mobile phones and tablets and you’ll certainly see my take on the latest news regarding all things consumer tech but also reviews and the odd post giving advice every now and again.

I’d like this to appeal to everyone, not just tech geeks like myself!  I want everyone to be able to take what the need from this site, whether it be insights on the next phone you are going to buy and need to know if it is right for you or maybe you aren’t sure about setting up your phone for the first time and need a walk through.  I hope to include all this through posts and videos and if there is anything you would like to see and I’m able to do it, then I will!

This will definitely evolve over time and there are still many things that need developing and polishing but I’m excited to be on this journey.

Many thanks in advance and I do hope you enjoy this site!

Best wishes.